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Zhongguancun Science Park

中关村科技园区起源于20世纪80年代初的“中关村电子一条街”,1988年经国务院批准成为我国第一家高科技园区。1999年6月国务院正式批复北京市政府和科学技术部“关于实施科教兴国战略,加快建设中关村科技园区的请示”,原则同意请示中关于加快建设中关村科技园区的意见和发展规划—— 把中关村科技园区建设成为推动科教兴国战略、实现两个根本转变的综合改革试验区;具有国际竞争力的国家科技创新示范基地;立足首都,面向全国的科技成果孵化和辐射基地、高素质创新人才培养基地。力争用10年左右的时间,把中关村科技园区建设成为世界一流的科技园区。

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Cleverex Systems, Inc.

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Cleverex’s mission is to provide high quality and affordable information systems products and services to government agencies and private industries. Cleverex is a leading provider of Business Process Management systems and Knowledge Management systems to Head Start programs and other non-profit, social services and education organizations.


Law Offices of Runan Zhang

The Law Offices of Runan Zhang began operating in January 1998. Currently, the firm maintains two offices: one in Washington, DC and one in Rockville, Maryland.We provides clients high quality services in immigration and business law through our aggressive use of technology and with dedication and focus on client satisfaction. Attorney Zhang has the experience, expertise, resources and knows how to handle all phases of your case. Time and again, Ms. Zhang has proven herself an outstanding lawyer in all types of business and immigration matters. Ms. Zhang will use all her experience to put you in the best position possible