(Draft – April 1, 2000)

Article I Name

This organization shall be called CAST Network Society (hereby called CAST-NSoc), A technical society of Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA. The Society shall be based on Washington Metropolitan.

Article II Purpose

This society serves CAST-USA’s purposes by serving the members whose main interests are in information technology areas. The mission of the Society is to promote the communication and collaboration among CAST members to further their personal and professional development, to facilitate the exchange on network and communication technologies and applications, to seek and to provide business opportunities and cooperation in and between USA and China for its members. This Society is chartered by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA. These bylaws neither supersede nor abrogate any of the Bylaws of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA that regulate society affairs

Article III Membership

All members of CAST-NSoc shall also be members of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA. Membership is not necessary, however, for participation in activities of the society All individuals and organizations falling within the defined scope of the society shall be eligible for membership without discrimination. Membership in the Society shall be open to all CAST members in the fields served by the Society upon request and payment of CAST-USA membership due determined by CAST-USA, and any Society dues, as determined by the Board of Director of the Society Student membership shall be open to all full-time students; student membership dues shall be determined by the Board of Director, but shall not exceed 75 percent of regular member dues.

Article IV Board of Directors

CAST-NSoc shall have the Board of Directors. The Board member shall have two categories: Chapter Representatives and Term Members. Both types of Board members have the same rights. Chapter Representatives shall be selected by the CAST Chapter he/she represented. Each CAST local chapter can select one and only once representative to CAST-NSoc. The term is One (1) year. Term Member of the Board will be elected by the members of the Society except the initial operation period. Term Board members shall server the Board for Three (3) years except the initial operation period. The number of Board members from any one local Chapter shall not exceed half of the board members.

Article V Officers

The Board shall consist President, Vice President(s) Secretary, and Treasurer. The president shall be elected by the board members. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be nominated by the President and the base Chapter and approved by the Board. If Secretary and/or Treasurer is not approved for 3 times, the base Chapter shall have the right to choose anyone from the Board member. All other officers shall be nominated by President and approved by the Board. The term of all officers shall be one (1) year and shall take office on the first day of Fiscal year. Any vacant officer shall be filled and determined by the Board. Article VI Duties of Officers

The President is the principal officer and is responsible for leading the Society and managing its activities in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA and these bylaws. The President shall preside at all meetings of this Society and of its Board of Directors. The Vice President(s) shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Society and Board of Director meetings. Other duties of the Secretary include:

A) Preparation of the Annual Society Report for presentation to the Society at the Annual Election Meeting.

B) Preparation of the Society’s Activity Report and submission of this report to CAST Headquarters.

C) Notification to CAST Headquarters of any changes in the elected officers of the Society.

D) Submission of any proposed amendment to these to CAST Headquarters for approval.

The Treasurer shall collect dues, pay all bills, and maintain the Society’s financial records. Duties of the Treasurer shall also include preparation of the Society’s Annual Financial Report for presentation at the Annual Election Meeting Article VII Miscellaneous

No official business of the Society shall be conducted unless a quorum of the Society is present. A quorum of the Society or Board shall be defined as 50 percent of the voting membership of the Society or the Board. Officers will be elected by a plurality of votes cast. If the election is conducted by mail ballot, sufficient ballots must be returned to have constituted a quorum. The fiscal year shall be the first day of each year. Dissolution of this Society by consent of the members shall consist of unanimous agreement of all its officers together with a majority vote at a meeting which has been publicized in advance to all members of the Society for the purpose of taking this vote. Should this Society be dissolved, its assets shall be transferred to the base Chapter.