1. CAST-DC [1] needs to hold an annual member conference officially. During the meeting, the new board shall be elected. The election rule shall be decided by the current board.

2. The CAST-DC board candidate needs to have at least one-year member experience, and recommended by two current board members or more than ten active members, who have a responsibility to introduce him/her to the current board. The candidate needs to be approved by more than half of current board members to become a member of the board.

3. The president of CAST-DC shall be elected by the board members. The term for the president is one year. The president can be re-elected for another term if necessary but at most two terms (years).

4. The board executive committee consists of the president, vice presidents, general secretary and treasure. The president has the right and responsibility to choose his/her executive committee members with approval by the board.

5. The board needs to hold at least one meeting per quarter. The meeting needs to be announced one week before the scheduled day.

6. It would be considered as his/her resignation from the board, if the individual board member was absent from the board meetings and/or annual member conference three times in one year without prior noticing.

7. Any individual person with a college education degree (or any business organization) in the greater Washington area, who accepts the CAST-USA [2] by-laws, completes application and pay the membership dues, can become a CAST-DC member.

8. Any CAST-DC member, who continues to participate in the chapter activities/events and renew his/her membership annually, is considered as an active member. The active members have their voting powers.

9. The above regulations can be modified with two-thirds approval of the board if necessary.

10. The CAST-DC board holds the full right to explain the regulation if necessary.
[1] CAST-DC – Chinese Association for Science and Technology at Greater Washington (CAST-DC). It is one chapter of CAST-USA.

[2] CAST-USA – Chinese Association for Science and Technology in the United States.